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Breathe - Breathe - Breathe


I inhale Mandela, I exhale capitalism. Funny how they say Don't let money define you',

but we spend most of our lives trying to earn it just to spend it for the rest of our lives ...

I mean excuse the irony but oxygen is suppose to make you feel free like the current on

the sea but our oxygen became the currency because see - we live for it. Money makes it

easy but time makes it better, because with time it all gets better...see I was in to you

but not in love with you, love is blind - I was Fetty Wap... halfway but since you halfway

come all the way and since you went out of your way to get over, I'll work and as I peek

over you get closer and I feel your presence - You gifted - I feel your presents...but in

fact if I speck facts I was only infatuated. In love with the idea of loving someone when

it wasn't really love at the start but at the start you seemed determined to work your way

to my heart, a body of canvas I swear you're a work of art and ironic because our souls

fused to one in an art-room but still leaving room for ruminating thoughts, could this get

deeper?...deeper then history like a written on solid stone, you turn my poetic written into

a covenant and like solid stone it has a warranty of eternity - a forever...and my prerequisite

proclaimed purposeful promise to you is eternity - a forever and it's priceless - timeless -

flawless...like things seen on screens, see God must have come to me in my dreams and told

me I found eve because somewhere in the world there's always someone for one of us, but

we seek each other's company so it feels better when it's two of us and it's me - myself and I

and you captured the hearts of the three of us...so as I puff fresh air and pass thoughts I see

the puff and pass pressures of peer pressure that put you in your past position of seeking for

acceptance by turning into supercilious images that's not life and that's what you told me as I...


Breathe - Breathe - Breathe


Than oxygen puts life to connotations and you the closest thing I find to the definintion

of beauty, at the pit of regrets because we cannot define beauty, slit a wrist and pop a

pill because we cannot beauty, at the edge of a suicidal act because we cannot define

beauty, leading to coffins filled with dreams and ideas that never surfaced because we

cannot define beauty and we cannot define ourselves because we cannot define beauty.

Your MCM and WCW ...these treads on social media that are put on the internet to

contaminate your intellect and programme your mind-set that beauty is only set for

Miss Teen or beauty queens but it gets deep, because we were told that beauty is

skin deep and so it's pretty simple that being pretty is being simple...it's simple

but complex, like science because you define the laws of physics as my heart-

beat is directly proportional to your heart-beat and as it beats with every rhythm

and beat it beats with a force, so love seems like a vector quantity with an

unmeasurable magnitude and a direction heading towards eternity... absurd

that the idea of intimacy seems like war because William can tell you how

you've shaken my spear and became my personified poetry... I write every

word with your soul, every rhyme is like your jigga style, every enjambment

is like your free spirit, every alliteration is like your repented vision of beauty

and every sonnet is like another chapter of your life... life that inspires me -

life that is alive ... so on my last breathe I breath you as I...


Breathe - Breathe - Breathe