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Extra Mural Activities



We believe that every pupil should have the opportunity to develop to his/her maximum potential ‑ both mentally and physically. Our sports programme is designed to promote this development within the limitations imposed by our resources, by staff availability, by bus problems and so on.

It is not our intention to coerce pupils into playing sport but there are two points which must be made. Firstly we often find that pupils develop a liking for a particular activity only as a result of some initial persuasion to participate, and secondly, there is no doubt that a schools' image in South Africa, is formed by both its academic and its sporting achievements. Obviously therefore we want maximum participation and a positive attitude and involvement.

We believe that every able‑bodied pupil should try to involve him/herself in one summer and one winter activity.

We have the following facilities:

  • 4 Tennis Courts
  • 3 Cricket pitches
  • 2 Rugby Fields
  • 3 Hockey / Soccer Fields
  • 3 Netball fields

The following sports are thus offered:

1st Term: Boys & Girls Cricket,

2nd & 3rd Terms: Rugby, Netball, Girls Hockey and Boys Hockey. Social Tennis.

3rd Term: Soccer for boys and girls, Cricket, Tennis.

Whenever pupils travel away for sporting fixtures, the school uniform has to be worn, which includes blazers.

Any form of bad sportsmanship is not tolerated. Our aim is to play for the sake of the game and for its enjoyment. To win at all and any cost, is not a healthy approach to competitive sport.

We appeal to parents to support us in allowing pupils to honour their sporting commitments and not force the child to pull out because of alternative arrangements


Any activity is provided subject to the availability of a teacher who is in charge.The following are presently being catered for:

  • Public Speaking,
  • Students' Christian Association,
  • Chess,
  • Interact,
  • Choir.

The School participates in the Eistedfodd every two years.