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Aims & Objectives


a)    It is the aim of all concerned to make John Ross College a seat of learning, through sound academic principles, which will make it possible to be ranked with any other educational institution in Natal.

b)   Morals and values are seen to be the basis of sound orderly lives, and our motto is "Virtue mine Honour". Through the acquisition of these time honoured principles, pupils will be geared to take their rightful place in society.

c)    As many avenues as possible are available to develop the personality of each individual through participation in team sports, cultural and academic societies. The aim is to produce a balanced person.

d)    It is through these activities that the process of self discipline can be engendered which will lead to a pride in oneself and one's school, so that a pupil will always look back on his life at John Ross College as being fruitful and productive.

e)    Attributes such as friendliness, tolerance, cleanliness, honesty, courtesy, neatness and charitableness are but some of the values, or virtues, that need to be developed in order to live successfully with others in contemporary society.

f)    Respect for our fellow man of all races, colours and creeds, whilst striving at all times for self improvement, is seen to be of paramount importance.