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Boys Uniform


  • White short-sleeved open necked (summer) shirt with school badge on the left breast pocket.  If long-sleeved shirts are worn, ties are required and sleeves must be down or the sleeves must be rolled to above the elbow in the case of no tie.
  • Prescribed grey long school trousers and regulation black or grey belt.
  • Grey socks only.
  • Black, polished, standard shoes to be worn.  No boots are allowed. Only black shoelaces may be used. Shoes must be properly laced.
  • School ties must be worn during the winter months with the top button done up.
  • Tie patterns are not to be tampered with.
  • No jewellery is allowed.
  • Only the prescribed jerseys and jackets are permitted, or the current matric jacket.
  • Nails must be clean and kept level with the fingertips.
  • Blazers are worn in the winter months.  They are to be worn on all school occasions that are formal.
  • Vests or T-shirts worn under a shirt may not be visible above the neckline and must be plain white in colour.
  • Only permitted badges may be worn on blazer lapels.