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Girls' Uniform


  • White short-sleeved open necked (summer) shirt with school badge on the left breast pocket.  If long-sleeved shirts are worn, ties are required and sleeves must be down or the sleeves must be rolled to above the elbow in the case of no tie.
  • Prescribed grey skirt.  Skirts must touch knee‑caps.  Short skirts will be let down if worn to school.  Skirts may not be rolled at the waist.
  • White socks: may not be rolled but be folded neatly twice.
  • Black, lace-ups with a reasonable sole or standard school shoes.  Boots are not acceptable. Shoes must be properly laced.
  • Ties must be worn with winter uniform with the top button of shirt done up.
  • Short sleeves may not be rolled up.
  • Only the prescribed jerseys and jackets are permitted or the current matric jacket by the matrics.
  • Blazers are worn in the winter months.   They are to be worn on all school occasions that are formal.
  • NB:   No jewellery, except earrings i.e. SMALL (silver or gold) plain studs, (maximum diameter 5mm) or sleepers (maximum size No. 1) may be worn, and then only in the bottom hole of the earlobe.
  • Only plain maroon, silver, grey, black, white, gold or brown clips, hair bands and elastics may be used in hair.  Clips are not to be over-sized.
  • Hair in eyes and/or touching collar must be tied /clipped up or cut.  No hair extensions are allowed.
  • Coloured rinses must be compatible with natural hair colour.  No tints and no highlights.
  • No make-up is allowed, except for clear nail varnish.
  • Nails must be kept level with the fingertips.
  • Only flesh-coloured or white underwear may be worn.
  • Only permitted badges may be worn on blazer lapels.