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Library Book Policy 2012


John Ross College issues library books to the students using their student card. Library materials and books are very expensive and therefore we need the students to take good care of borrowed books. The school will cover and hand out the books in good condition. In return, we appeal to the parents to encourage their children to take good care of their books.

The parent will be liable to pay for any lost or damaged book and the school will replace the books.

The pupils should -

  • Always wash their hands before handling their books.
  • Not write in books.
  • Not damage books with water or any other liquids.
  • Not spill food or any other colorants on the books.
  • Not cut or tear pages from your books.
  • Not misplace books.
  • Not break the spine of their books.

Be responsible for their books.  Not to lend or swop books with any other students.

When your child leaves our school your child is responsible to hand in the text books. All books must be handed in at the end of the academic year before the school holidays.

Students will not receive library books if any are still outstanding on his/her name. The student will only receive his/her textbooks if all lost/damaged books are paid for.