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New Admissions – Procedure List


  1. Admissions will be done by the fourth term.  Application forms available in third term.Pupils whom live in the feeder areas have preference  - i.e.Suburban area of Richards Bay viz. Meerensee, Arboretum, Veldenvlei, Birdswood, Wildenweide, Brackenham, Aquadene and Mzingazi Village.
  2. Letters to the English speaking parents of pupils attending primary schools in the suburbs will be sent out, inviting them to apply. (Deadline will be given).
  3. Upon receipt of replies, application forms will be given to the parents via the schools - closing dates for these will be given.
  4. All the necessary forms, plus the deposit fee need to have been completed/paid before the pupil will be accepted.
  5. Applications from pupils of other schools will only be considered on a first come/first served basis if:
    (i)   there is space
    (ii)   they live near in the feeder area of John Ross College.
    (ii)  their parents have relocated to one of the feeder areas stipulated in 2 above.
    (iv)  they have had brothers/sisters in the school
  6. Pupils who are not accepted will be informed in writing.
  7. An advertisement stating that admissions have closed will appear in ‘The Observer’ upon expiry date.
  8. Parents’ have the right of appeal to the Principal.