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The Role of the Parent


It is natural that each parent wants the best for his child at the same time John Ross College wants this desire on the part of the parent to be achieved.


The following factors must be borne in mind:

Legal Rights

The Governing Body has been legally constituted, the implication being that it can sue, and be sued. It can bring to the attention of the Principal matters related to its functions as constituted.The Governing Body is very involved with the physical and educational facilities of John Ross College.

The Annual General Meeting of the Governing Body is held every year. Elected members serve a 3 year term of office. It is an obligation on the part of the parent to attend the A.G.M. particularly as the audited financial report is presented at the meeting. Non-attendance means non-involvement and non-interest in school affairs.

Parents may, under no circumstances, interfere with the professional duties of teachers. Any problem encountered by a parent in this regard must be directed through the Principal's office. Legal obligations The South African Schools Act, Act 84, 1996 lays down certain obligations which the parent has to adhere to.

Among these are:

All pupils must attend school until the end of the year in which he/she turns 15 or the ninth grade, whichever occurs first. Negligence in this respect can lead to prosecution.
All absences from school must be explained in writing. A telephone call cannot suffice as no record can be kept. Besides the negative effect upon the academic advancement of a pupil through non attendance, the rôle and function of the teacher is hampered, for time cannot be wasted on trying to get pupils to catch up on work missed. Parents are thus requested to note the following points:
Immediately upon his return to school, the pupil must hand his written note, signed by a parent, to the Register Teacher.
All absentee notes are controlled and filed.
Every effort must be made to arrange doctors and dental appointments after school hours and, where possible, not to clash with extra mural activities.
Where pupils regularly absent themselves, a medical certificate can be demanded.
It is requested that when pupils are likely to be absent for any reasonable length of time through illness, the Secretary be notified. This will serve to avoid unnecessary follow up work.
Only the Head of Department (Education) may grant permission for a pupil to be absent from school for such reasons as extended holidays etc.
The Principal is required to advise the Department of unnecessary absence from school. Parents are requested to ensure that pupils are genuinely ill before keeping them at home.
Past experience has shown that many days have been lost when the child could easily have been at school. Please assist us by avoiding minor ailments being an excuse for absence from school.

Truancy - "Bunking" school, even for part of a day, is a serious offence and will be severely dealt with.
Any infectious disease must be reported at once.
Pupils must return to school after exams as normal school will continue to take place.
Placement in the correct language medium is of paramount importance. Even though the parent has the final choice of the medium of instruction, experience has shown that where a pupil is taught in the medium which he knows least, he will struggle, especially in languages.
Failure in his main language at school will ultimately lead to the non attainment of a Matric Certificate.
The payment of school fees as determined by the Governing Body is compulsory. Legal action will be taken against those parents who do not comply. Fees are laid down by the members of the Governing Body who in turn are elected by you, the parent.
The School fund account is controlled by a Finance Committee on which serve members of the Governing Body, Management and teachers. The fees are levied in relation to needs of the school.
There are various methods of paying school fees which are detailed in a document issued to all parents. Parents who cannot afford to pay school fees are expected to discuss this confidentially with the Principal to avoid embarrassment when accounts are sent out. Assistance must be applied for before the end of March.
Disciplinary action can be taken by the Principal against a pupil if it can be shown that the pupil's action, even outside school hours and not in school uniform, can be detrimental to the good name of the school. Parents are expected to impress this fact upon the pupil/pupils.
Moral obligations

Parents needs to be involved in the daily lives of their children and pay specific attention to the child's work ethics and progress.

A happy child is a successful child. We aim to make the pupil's stay at John Ross College a happy one, for then the pupil will want to attend school and will want to achieve. In this regard, the parent has certain obligations.

To provide security in the home from which the child will find support in all that he does at school.
To guide the pupil through his school career in a positive manner.
To assist the school in helping your child gain self discipline, especially with regard to homework. (see later).
To support your child at all functions where he/she is present.
It means a lot for a pupil to know that Mom or Dad is on the sports field with him or her, or in the Hall, while he or she is on the stage, to give but two examples. Obligation is seen to be involvement in the life of the school, be it at a fête, food stall or fund raising. Without parental involvement, there can be no school worthy of its name.

Any problem encountered must be discussed at school with the Principal and not in the Supermarket! Cordial relations cannot be engendered if difficulties are not brought to the attention of the Principal, who will be willing to see any parent at any reasonable time.

All assemblies are open to all parents. Assemblies are opened with a song, followed by a reading, short discussion and prayer. No sectional doctrine is followed, thus all pupils attend assembly. No belief is prejudiced. Any parent with a doubt in his or her mind is free to discuss this matter with the Principal.

Bus Routes:

There are three services which operate. A private bus company transports pupils from Mtubatuba and Kwambonambi to Richards Bay.

Tel No.: 035-5801233; 0832860658.

There is a privately run route to Meerensee with two buses running at present.

Tel No.: 035-7981633; 0832860658.

Ikhwezi Transport operates a service between Empangeni and Richards Bay, though a dedicated route does not apply.

Tel No.: 035-7976200