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An exclusive personal accident Insurance Scheme offered by ourselves for all schools of the Natal region, i.e. both Government and private, is available.

Any bona fide Pupil, Teacher or Administration Staff Member of any school may participate in the scheme.  The cover is for any accident giving rise to personal injury occurring :

 a)         On school premises;

 b)         Outside the school whilst participating in any sporting activity or other extra-mural activity organised and supervised by the school;

c)         Whilst travelling to or from school or any other sporting or extra-mural activity referred to in b) above by a reasonably direct route.

 Please note that whilst this scheme is strongly recommended to pupils, it is a voluntary insurance scheme and parents must decide whether they would like to have their child/children insured under this scheme or not.  Please contact the financial secretary at the school for further details regarding this Scheme.